Storytelling – Funeral Celebrant Skills part 3

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Being a storyteller is such an integral part of our work as Independent Celebrants. Whether it’s for a life celebration or a union, the story behind the people and their families is key. I’ve been exploring the key funeral celebrant skills and this one has to be in my top three.

I have always loved stories. From early childhood, reading or hearing tales of adventure and overcoming challenge has brought me joy. As a funeral celebrant, I have been able to take my turn at writing stories. These tales we are told, as clients share glimpses of the lives they lived, enriched by those they have lost.

It makes sense therefore, that as a funeral celebrant, your skills need to include that of Storyteller. It’s not always easy to get those who are experiencing grief to share these memories with you. Use the other key funeral celebrant skills (which I’m covering in these blogs) such as active listening, to help them feel that you’re the right person to share them with.

How do you improve your funeral celebrant skills?

With practice. I encourage students to see themselves as Writers as soon as they start their Celebrant training. Write something every day of your working week. Put it in your diary as a task, to make sure you assign time to complete it. Funeral celebrant skills don’t happen by accident; they require dedication to create truly bespoke ceremonies.

In our Interview with Ali Williams, one of our Graduates, we asked what she considered her key skills. You can read her answers here.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a funeral celebrant, why not book an appointment to discuss our training? You can schedule a time directly into my calendar here.

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