funeral celebrant skills

In this first blog is the series, we’re exploring Funeral Celebrant Skills; the key attributes, experience, qualities and knowledge that you bring to your role as a Funeral Celebrant.

Are you well organised? Have you had roles in your past that have made you someone that everyone goes to when they need to organise an event or project?

Rated as one of the Top Three Skills for a Funeral Celebrant, by the Funeral Directors I spoke with, being well organised helps your clients and the other professionals you work along-side, feel more confident in you and less stressed about the funeral.

Funeral Celebrants need a diverse range of skills and in the next short video we’ll be looking at another key skill.

I have personally found, in my working life, there will be something from each role I’ve had, up to this point, that makes me a better Celebrant. Take a look at your CV and explore the skills you’ve developed over the period of your career so far.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this role, you can book a call directly into Dinah Liversidge ‘s diary by clicking the link in her profile.

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