Stop your imposter stopping you!

If you’re ready to challenge the voice in your head that keeps telling you that you ‘can’t!’ This 30 minute webinar is for you. Stop your Imposter from stopping you – from taking chances or going for that opportunity. Stopping you from being all you know you can be. Aren’t you ready to start telling yourself a new story?

What if you stopped seeing your Imposter as a Syndrome?

In this 30 minute session, Master Mindset Coach, Dinah Liversidge, offers a different take on the famous ‘Imposter Syndrome’ offering you a new way to frame this. Language matters so much to our mindset and the way we see ourselves.

With top tips on how to change the head-talk you’ve been creating over a life time.


This session was recorded exclusively for the Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy. It’s covered by our Money Back Guarantee – if you don’t think this session added value. we’ll refund your investment of £10, in full.

£3 from each sale will be donated to our Charity for 2023 & 24 – Child Bereavement UK

If you’d like to know more about Mindset Coaching, take a look at Dinah’s Coaching site here.

You can book a call into Dinah’s calendar to talk about training as a Wedding or Funeral Celebrant too.

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