Coaching for Celebrants

coaching for celebrants who want to thrive

The secret to success is Coaching If your business isn’t thriving, that’s probably because you aren’t feeling comfortable or content as things are. Working with a Coach to change this could be exactly what you need. Dinah Liversidge is a Certified Master Mindset Coach and a Celebrant herself.

Dinah’s current Coaching Fees are £120 per session. Book a FREE 20 minute session now to see if Coaching could be the boost you need for your business right now.

We can work on the following areas together:


Your mindset is core to everything. As the saying goes, whether you think you can or think you can’t  – you’re right! As a Master REBT Mindset Coach, I’ll help you challenge your mindset and explore ways to support real,lasting change.


When you’re not walking a path that feels authentic, work becomes a chore. Finding your path and learning how to emabrace it with conviction and confidence are part of this growth and development process.


SMART goals not pushing you to achieve what you know you’re capable of? As a Certified Goals Coach, I’ll help you set goals that inspire and excite you. We’ll work on short, medium and long-term goals to get your Celebrant business buzzing!


Real confidence is so much more than deliverying a ceremony with style. If you’re struggling to break free of the self-doubt and it’s preventing you from shining, then this type of coaching could help you start a new conversation with yourself.

Dinah Liversidge Master Coach

Specialist coaching for celebrants

I’m Dinah Liversidge. I’m a Master Coach, Business Skills Trainer, Award-winning International Speaker and Independent Celebrant. I love helping others reconnect with their joy and find their purpose. 

As a Celebrant myself, I understand the pressure we put on ourselves and the huge sense of responsibility that comes with our role. That constant search for perfection and questioning whether we’ve given enough. Add to this, the sense that our profession is growing daily and the messaging around needing to be seen – and it’s no wonder overwhelm is rife.

I’m ready to listen

If you’d like a supportive, non-judgemental space to talk, share ideas and perhaps try some new ways to support your mindset, I’d love to hear from you. I work with a limited number of Celebrants at any one time to maximise the personal support you receive. Sessions are on Zoom, one-to-one. And they’re recorded so that you can keep a copy to go back to anytime. We’ll have 45 minutes per session.

My current fees are £120 per session. Book a block of six and get an extra 20 minutes FREE!*

  • to qualify for the bonus 20 minute session, you must pay for your block of six sessions all at one time. The 20 minute bonus session can be taken any time within six months of our work together.

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