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life celebrations are about love
When someone we love dies, the love we feel for them is as real as it ever was. The feelings we had for them don’t go away. They might feel different for a while, perhaps even painful. But at the heart of our memories is love. I believe crafting someone’s service to mark the end of their life, is the greatest love story there is to tell.
business training for Celebrants
Marketing is an essential element of establishing and growing any business. It’s challenging when You are the key product and therefore your marketing can feel like showing-off. Add to this, the fact you’re doing a job that involves talking about death, and many Funeral Celebrants decide that they’ll deal with their marketing another day! We’re […]
social media presence
Nobody likes to be sold to. We want to know what you can do for us and how you're going to make our day absolutely amazing. Let your clients know what problems they won't encounter when they work with you. Show them that you're a problem solver and that your experience means you're aware of the possible challenges and pitfalls as they prepare for their day.
Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy
You can now purchase this masterclass as a pre-recorded session Do you want to get more out of your Blog? In this first of our Mastermind Sessions, aimed specifically at Celebrants, we explore Blogging. If you’re still not confident in this key area, then this is for you: We’ll answer all these questions and more: […]
social media presence
My social media presence was not playing a key part in attracting visitors to my website. Indeed, at that time only around 5% of the traffic was coming from social media. So what was I doing wrong? I believed I was following the advice of the ‘Experts’ I had followed. The training sessions had all suggested a similar approach and I was using it to the letter. Why was my social media presence not generating the results I was hoping for?
portfolio entrepreneur
Did you know that 40 million people incorporate Pinterest into their wedding planning each year? Pinners save over 900 million wedding-related Pins annually and conduct 378 million wedding-related searches. If you're not there, how do you expect them to find you?
is your imposter stopping you
If you're ready to challenge the voice in your head that keeps telling you that you 'can't!' This 30 minute webinar is for you. Stop your Imposter from stopping you - from taking chances or going for that opportunity. Stopping you from being all you know you can be. Aren't you ready to start telling yourself a new story?

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