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You can now purchase this masterclass as a pre-recorded session Do you want to get more out of your Blog? In this first of our Mastermind Sessions, aimed specifically at Celebrants, we explore Blogging. If you’re still not confident in this key area, then this is for you: We’ll answer all these questions and more: […]
empathy or compassion as a funeral celebrant
Showing empathy or compassion is vital in our work as Celebrants. However, as we teach in all our programmes, the work we do as professional independent Celebrants, is never about us. This is often a challenge when we are met with grief. We’re taught to show compassion by saying things like ‘I know how you […]
I am often asked what the difference is between a funeral and a life celebration. It’s the celebration that makes it different. A funeral, traditionally here in the UK at least, is often portrayed as depressing, sad, everyone dressed in black. A life celebration is carried out with a focus on the life of the […]
It's important not to be put off the idea of an Eco-friendly wedding, becuase you are not able to 'do it 100% right'. Every little change, every couple who makes any effort is making a difference.


Being an Independent Celebrant and training others in this profession is one of the greatest joys of my life. Often, after I have delivered a wedding ceremony or a Celebration of someone’s life, I am asked by someone attending ‘How do I become a Celebrant?’ I am always so glad to hear that they’re asking […]
It is easy to forget, when we are the people helping a grieving friend, that this looks and feels different for each of us. Grief is often described as a process and we understand there are several stages
Most Celebrants work for themselves and this means they have to market their business. Social Media is often sold as the place we need to be. We’re regularly reminded that we need to be seen online and that if we’re not posting regularly, we’re missing business. But how much social media presence is enough? In […]


‘We help children, young people, parents and families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies’. This is Child Bereavement Uk’s mission statement and it’s such an important one. As Independent Celebrants we often work with families who are experiencing grief. When that impacts a child, or is due to […]
If Pinterest is not yet part of your marketing stragety as a Celebrant, this is for you. In this second in our Masterclass Series, we’ll explore why this platform is proving key to connecting with your ideal client. Pinterest for Celebrants is a 90 minute, recorded session which took place in January 2023. Get it […]

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