Thank you 2023!

AOIC Celebrant Awards


It’s my last day in the office for 2023 as I write this post. And what a year it’s been for the Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy (CCTA) and for me, personally too. There have been some incredible moments and I have so much to look forward to in 2024. Thank you 2023!

Thank you for such a diverse and engaged group of students

It was my key aim when I wrote the training programmes for the CCTA, that they would feel inclusive. I had always avoided group training, as I often felt uncomfortable asking questions. This was therefore essential to my making our programmes one-to-one. I knew that one size training was not appropriate, so instead of qualifications that mean you got exactly the same training as the next, and the last student, I made mine adaptable. It’s all about the students.

And it seems my philosophy was something people had been looking for. Which resulted in 40 students connecting with me and taking my programmes this year. Students who included members of the LGBTQ+ community, neurodiverse students, students with special physical needs and students of different faiths and beliefs. Thank you to all of them for trusting me to be part of their journeys.

Thank you to community connection

Over the last couple of years, I’d started to notice a local, very talented person in our community. Ella was a change-maker, a natural giver and someone who championed communities who needed a platform for their voice. I instinctively liked and admired her. And over the last year I got to know her better, and began to see her as a friend.

In 2023 I’ve had the chance to work with her and she’s now an integral part of the team. I start my week with Ella on our zoom catch-up. She grounds me while also encouraging me. She’s largely responsible for the new Inclusion and Diversity training we’re producing and I learn something from her every day. Thank you Ella for being on my team and for everything you bring to it.

It’s been awarding…

I was humbled to be nominated in the AOIC Awards this year, in the category of ‘Outstanding Contribution to Celebrancy’. I felt truly honoured to have been nominated amongst several of my peers whom I hold in very high regard. So you can imagine how delighted (and a somewhat overwhelmed) I was to be announced as the Runner Up. Genuinely said ‘shut up!’ when my name was called.

Thank you to those that nominated me (which was kept confidential). I was blown-away by the remarks read out at the ceremony. Being acknowledged for my contribution in a field that I adore, doing work that I absolutely love, is dream like. I still smile every time I look at the certificate. Thank you AOIC.

Today brought more amazing news!

As I was reading my emails on my laptop in bed this morning, I got another wonderful surprise. ‘Congratulations you’ve won a Global Recognition Award’. And the words accompanying the award reduced me to tears. Here’s what the judges had to say:

Good news. Our judges have awarded you a Global Recognition Award.

In the dynamic landscape of specialist training, Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy has carved out a niche of excellence and innovation. Their receipt of a 2023 Global Recognition Award is a testament to their commitment to inclusivity, personalized training, and industry leadership in the UK.

Personalized Training and Industry Impact

At the heart of the academy’s success is its personalized one-to-one training programs, with the Funeral Celebrant Training being the most notable. This program adapts to various learning styles and needs, ensuring a profound and individualized learning experience. The academy’s efforts have not only led to a substantial 75% revenue growth but also enriched the industry with 40 skilled Celebrants in its first year. The endorsement by the AOIC as a recommended training provider further cements their esteemed position in the industry.

Innovation in Diversity and Inclusivity

The academy’s introduction of diversity training for Celebrants marks a pioneering step in the UK, reflecting its foresight and dedication to creating an inclusive environment. This initiative, coupled with their values and ethics of inclusivity, resonates deeply with the evolving needs of society and the industry. Founder Dinah Liversidge’s personal journey and commitment to accessibility infuse the academy’s mission with authenticity and compassion.

Recognition and Client Feedback

Client satisfaction and industry recognition speak volumes about the academy’s impact. A stellar 5-star rating and feedback from clients underscore the effectiveness and quality of their training programs. The academy’s recent runner-up honour for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Celebrancy’ at the 2023 AOIC awards highlights their significant contributions and growing influence in the field of Celebrancy training.

Philosophy and Ethos

The academy’s philosophy of supporting rather than overshadowing their clients ensures a focus on empowerment and growth. This approach, combined with a significant increase in clientele and innovative training initiatives, solidifies their standing in the industry. Their understanding of their role and impact goes beyond mere training; it’s about fostering a community of skilled and empathetic professionals.

Final Words

The Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy’s journey to excellence is marked by a commitment to quality, inclusivity, and personal growth. Their innovative training methods, combined with a deep understanding of industry needs and client care, make them a standout recipient of a 2023 Global Recognition Award. As they continue to shape the landscape of specialist training, their influence and contributions are sure to inspire and empower many more.’

Global Recognition Award

Thank you 2023, despite some personal challenges, you’ve turned out to be pretty special. Here’s to 2024!

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