We’ve included some of our Premium training and programmes here for you to access. Some of these are still being offered for sale on other sites, so please remember not to share them with others. Thank you and we hope they are useful to you.

These are trainings and workshops that don’t fall under the Marketing or Celebrant specific topics so they cover quite a range of topics. These are all areas that Dinah delivers International speaking engagements on, training or bespoke workshops.


This workshop, a total of almost four hours of content with a workbook, is from Dinah’s No Box Thinking approach. We hope you find it interesting and helpful in challenging how you think about your mindset.

If you want to work with Dinah, one-to-one on your mindset, she is a Certified Master Mindset Coach and works with a limited number of Coaching clients at any one time. As a graduate of the Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy, you can re-connect with Dinah at any time to ask about booking a Coaching session. Book a time to talk about it straight into her Calendly.

The workbook for this training is here

It is split into eight, 30 minute videos and these are all below

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