Congratulations you’re a Celebrant! Now What!?

You’re trained and ready to go. But nobody told you about running a business. Ready to change that?

When you completed your Celebrant training, were you left wondering what to do next? This career would be wonderful if you only had the first idea how to get seen and found by the right clients. 

I developed this 12 week programme to support you as you take your first steps into the business of being a Celebrant Business. Working in a small group, we will focus on:
Finding your niche and communicating with them in an authentic way.
Creating a Social Media presence in a manageble amount of time
Marketing and promoting yourself and keeping it real.
Collaborations with other people in the industry.
Blogging, Vlogging and all things promotional.
Networking and how to make it a key part of your business growth.
And that’s just for starters! I will listen to what the group needs to focus on and we will add relevant content to help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

business skills
business skills for celebrants
business skills

12 weeks to change your Business for just £180  That’s just £60 per month

You are NOT the only person feeling this way. I have had a large number of enquiries this year, asking for business skills training, after completion of a full Celebrant training course. I would love to help you achieve the dreams you had for your business. All these skills CAN be learned, and this is a safe and supportive place to do that, together. 

Have no business experience

Daily running of a business is not instinctive. If you’ve never done this before, it can overwhelm you very quickly. We’ll look at how to use your time, set goals, plan your week, put a Marketing and business plan together and take the first key steps.

don’t know which social media to use

It’s a noisy world out in Social Media. Getting your voice heard can often be about finding the right place for you. We’ll explore all the options and help create an plan that is authentic and easy to sustain.

feel overwhelmed by choices

Overwhelm is the biggest killer of business progress. Planning and getting focus on key areas can transform your results, fast. We’ll look at the choices you are facing and where to put your resources for best results.

working hard but not seeing results

If you’re investing time and effort but seeing no real results, it’s time to work Smarter, not harder. We’ll put a plan together for your time that ensures better return for your efforts and raises your profile in the process.

Let’s talk about your needs

Book a zoom call and let’s talk about you joining the next group – starting in April 2023

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