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perfect proposal
There are some wonderful reels and videos on social media showing incredible proposals. They clearly took ages to plan and required lots of people being involved in secret, to create the ‘perfect’ scenario. And I am as delighted by them as the next person. I am also aware of the pressure some people feel to […]
Karen Nutton celebrant


This month, we’re delighted to introduce you to Karen Nutton. Karen completed her wedding celebrant training with Dinah in 2023. Karen is incredibly creative and multi-talented and the ideas and suggestions she brought to her Celebrant training were exceptional. What made you decide to become a Celebrant? Karen Nutton – Celebrant:When a close friend lost […]
CPD Certified
This highly successful workshop is now available as a recorded session - with all the same information including my top 50 questions to create amazing wedding scripts for your couples
celebrant wedding ceremony
Celebrants can create bespoke wedding ceremonies for those who want to make a commitment to each other in their own way. Some may choose to also have a marriage, which can be conducted by a local Registrar or by a minister at their place of worship. Others do not want to marry or have the legal aspects of marriage in this country as part of their commitment. Either way, having a celebrant wedding ceremony allows them to feel they are honouring their personal beliefs and each other.
If you’re considering training as a Celebrant, you’ll want to understand what’s involved. You may have seen a ceremony lead by a Celebrant and something made you think, ‘that’s something I’d like to do.’ Many of us found this remarkable career that way. In this 25-minute video, Dinah Liversidge, Chief Training Officer and Master Coach, […]

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