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Did you know that 40 million people incorporate Pinterest into their wedding planning each year? Pinners save over 900 million wedding-related Pins annually and conduct 378 million wedding-related searches. If you're not there, how do you expect them to find you?
When you meet people in their time of grief, you never know what to expect. We all react in a unique way and there is no format you can follow. What you can do, is be engaged in your listening. This requires a level of being present that may not be something you're used to.
In this first blog is the series, we’re exploring Funeral Celebrant Skills. The key attributes, experience, qualities and knowledge that you bring to your role as a Funeral Celebrant. Are you well organised? Are you someone that everyone comes to when they need to organise an event or project? Perhaps you’re the person that’s got […]
As a Wedding Celebrant, you want everyone to cry, laugh and perhaps cheer, during the vows. That moment in the ceremony where the people they are all there to celebrate, declare their love for each other. With promises for the way they will honour and support each other for the rest of their lives. Helping […]


If you’re interested in learning about how to become a wedding celebrant, you’re in the right place! Training will allow you to support your clients and offer them the best ceremony imaginable. Although there is currently no legal requirement for training to become a wedding celebrant, those of us in the industry who are trained […]
If you’re considering training as a Celebrant, you’ll want to understand what’s involved. You may have seen a ceremony lead by a Celebrant and something made you think, ‘that’s something I’d like to do.’ Many of us found this remarkable career that way. In this 25-minute video, Dinah Liversidge, Chief Training Officer and Master Coach, […]

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