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Red Pitch London poster
In the last few decades theatre has become elitist. Despite its conception being rooted in working-class culture - remember when the gentrified had to ‘dress down’ to enter Shakespeare’s globe to watch his performances because the theatre was not for them - theatre has taken a full 180. With tickets at an extortionate price and drama being pushed out of state-school education, most working-class people will never step a foot in a theatre let alone enjoy performances. And if marginalised communities don’t feel reflected in the stories or respected in the spaces then why would they go? Which just creates the self-fulfilling prophecy that theatre is only for White people.
body positivity movement influencer Stephanie Yeboah
Within a society that constantly narrows the beauty standards to one type of femme: straight, white and slim, praising anything other than the archetype, becomes political. But like every part of society, whenever the narrative is challenged and those being championed are the very people we have been conditioned to villainise, those at the top of the pile want their privilege to remain in tact. Cue the slim, white women.

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