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direct cremation
Under British law, when someone dies, you are obliged to dispose of their body in an appropriate manner. You are not required to have a funeral or ceremony. The ceremonial part of the process is there to offer comfort and hope to the people left behind. They are for the benefit of the grieving, not the dead.
Top ten skills of a wedding celebrant
Many of us had careers before we became Celebrants. We developed skills and experience that have proved to be a huge advantage to our clients and our businesses. The variety is vast, so here are our top ten skills of a Wedding Celebrant; we’d love to know what you’d add: Active Listening If you’re not […]
business training for Celebrants
Marketing is an essential element of establishing and growing any business. It’s challenging when You are the key product and therefore your marketing can feel like showing-off. Add to this, the fact you’re doing a job that involves talking about death, and many Funeral Celebrants decide that they’ll deal with their marketing another day! We’re […]
CPD Certified
This highly successful workshop is now available as a recorded session - with all the same information including my top 50 questions to create amazing wedding scripts for your couples
Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy
You can now purchase this masterclass as a pre-recorded session Do you want to get more out of your Blog? In this first of our Mastermind Sessions, aimed specifically at Celebrants, we explore Blogging. If you’re still not confident in this key area, then this is for you: We’ll answer all these questions and more: […]
Most Celebrants work for themselves and this means they have to market their business. Social Media is often sold as the place we need to be. We’re regularly reminded that we need to be seen online and that if we’re not posting regularly, we’re missing business. But how much social media presence is enough? In […]
If Pinterest is not yet part of your marketing stragety as a Celebrant, this is for you. In this second in our Masterclass Series, we’ll explore why this platform is proving key to connecting with your ideal client. Pinterest for Celebrants is a 90 minute, recorded session which took place in January 2023. Get it […]
Active listening is one of the key skills a Funeral Celebrant needs. To be truly present and listen intently. Without distraction and with a clear mind. It is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. It does not come easily in the noise of our busy world. Being excellent at active listening will […]
If you’re considering training as a Celebrant, you’ll want to understand what’s involved. You may have seen a ceremony lead by a Celebrant and something made you think, ‘that’s something I’d like to do.’ Many of us found this remarkable career that way. In this 25-minute video, Dinah Liversidge, Chief Training Officer and Master Coach, […]

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