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CPD Certified
This highly successful workshop is now available as a recorded session - with all the same information including my top 50 questions to create amazing wedding scripts for your couples
social media presence
My social media presence was not playing a key part in attracting visitors to my website. Indeed, at that time only around 5% of the traffic was coming from social media. So what was I doing wrong? I believed I was following the advice of the ‘Experts’ I had followed. The training sessions had all suggested a similar approach and I was using it to the letter. Why was my social media presence not generating the results I was hoping for?
When you meet people in their time of grief, you never know what to expect. We all react in a unique way and there is no format you can follow. What you can do, is be engaged in your listening. This requires a level of being present that may not be something you're used to.
If you’re considering training as a Celebrant, you’ll want to understand what’s involved. You may have seen a ceremony lead by a Celebrant and something made you think, ‘that’s something I’d like to do.’ Many of us found this remarkable career that way. In this 25-minute video, Dinah Liversidge, Chief Training Officer and Master Coach, […]

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