Five reasons to choose a Micro-wedding

micro weddings

I am always delighted when a couple tell me they want a micro wedding. Planning your wedding is like being in a dream; you can picture every last detail. And when it’s small and intimate, many of the traditional limitations and stresses associated with wedding planning, are removed. It means we’re going to make this very authentic, all about them and their relatonship and include the most important people in their world. That, to me, sounds like the perfect wedding ceremony before we’ve even started writing.

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What is a Micro Wedding?

There are lots of definitions of a Micro Wedding – ranging from under 100 to under 25 guests. I believe a Micro Wedding is intimate, has a small impact on the environment and is all about the two of you. The actual number may vary, but small is not, by any means less. It can be a magical event. It can make big statements.

Many couples are choosing to go the small, intimate ceremony route. There are plenty of great reasons to think small.

Here are five of our favourites:

For the Planet

The impact on the environment is becoming a decision factor in many weddings. Thankfully. And if you’re already doing plenty to be more aware and less of a consumer, then why would your wedding be any different? Take a look at the calculator I shared in this BLOG. You can work out the impact of your wedding plans and see where you can make your choices for the planet, not just for your guests.

Strong Friendships

If we’re lucky enough to have friends who’ve been integral to our journey in life, asking them to be part of our key moments feels good. Perhaps your friends have been more like Family than your family. Maybe they’re one of the reason’s you’re getting married. A micro wedding ceremony can encourage people who might feel overwhelmed by a bigger event, to be truly part of it.

To make it about the two of you

When I got married, the vast majority of the guests were friends of my parents or John’s. The whole day felt like it was for them, not for us. We’d have had 12 of our closest friends round for a barbecue and listened to great music together. The fewer people you invite, the more it becomes about the two of you. There is something deeply connecting when your celebration of your union is for and about you.

For a unique venue or experience

There are some amazing venues where you can have an intimate ceremony, that simply would not be available for a big wedding. We have a small woodland cabin that we rent out. It’s a wonderful place to stay if you’re planning an intimate wedding or vow renewal. No guests, just the two of you and me – your onsite Celebrant. It’s a private and special ceremony set in a woodland surrounded by hills and open skies. Places like the Charcoal Hut or The Cwtch Hutch are for micro ceremonies only. They’re special because of this. Take advantage of somewhere really unique.

For the cost

There, I said it! Well it’s a key part of the decision for everyone. Planning a wedding can be very expensive. Keeping it to a smaller, more meaningful group means spending less cash. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard couples say ‘we can’t believe how much it ended up costing us’ as their big wedding plans seem to grow as the event gets closer. And my couples who’ve gone with the mini event option, are so proud of how little they have spent.

How do you tell people you’re not inviting them to your wedding?

You don’t!! I am always surprised when couples tell me the only thing stopping them having a small wedding is the fear of upsetting people. If a friend is going to be offended that you had a micro ceremony, they are not a friend you need to be concerned about. Good friends will totally understand, and many will admit they wish they’d done the same. They’ll tell you they are still paying off their huge wedding and wish they’d had the courage to elope. Never let fear of upsetting others spoil your wedding – the clue is in the words there – this is YOUR wedding.

Whatever you imagine when you think of your Wedding ceremony, make sure you’re telling your Wedding Celebrant what you really want for your day.

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