Being a Celebrant is a great choice for portfolio entrepreneurs

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A Portfolio Entrepreneur will have many talents and interests. They’ve created a variety of ways to use their talents to make a living. If they’re clever, they’ve focused on their passions and purpose, resulting in businesses that feel authentic and exciting. Being a Celebrant, whilst also growing and loving three other businesses, has been a huge success for me as a Portfolio entrepreneur.

What’s so unique about being a Celebrant?

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As a Celebrant, you’ll be pursuing something that feels like a purpose, or perhaps is a passion. An example of this is the number of students who tell us they’re pursuing something they feel drawn to do.

I’ve always had roles and businesses that are about people. From Event Manager to Business Coach, all of my work had a common theme. The skills I developed in these roles made me a better Celebrant:

  1. Being an active listener
  2. Helping others put things into words
  3. Empowering others to stand and speak, even when they’re shaking
  4. Being pro-active without supervision
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Great organisational skills
  7. Happy to be part of a team and take any role
  8. Public speaking with confidence
  9. A love of stories and story-telling
  10. Reading and writing skills

Skills learned over years of experience can make all the difference

It’s the way all our past experience comes together in the role, that makes being a Celebrant unique. It also means we serve our clients better. Whether creating a celebration of someone’s life or for a new baby, we have a broad range of skills to draw on.

The thing about entrepreneurs, is we often find we’re interested in expanding our ‘job’. We get easily frustrated by the time it takes to get things going in business and during times when we’re waiting on others, we start imagining. Possibilites are endless when you have an entrepreneur mindset. We don’t see the obstacles, just the opportunities. And this makes space for a portfolio.

Choosing to focus on more than one business has allowed me to be better at each of them. I love the sense that I did a different job yesterday to the one I’m doing today. My energy levels feel constantly topped-up and I am filled with new ideas on a daily basis. This is a perfect example of not boxing ourselves into a role or a title. I am Celebrant, and a Trainer of Celebrants. I’m an Entrepreneur and a Coach to Entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for a way to use the skills you’ve developed over your working life, this is a great choice. Provided you’re at your best when it isn’t about you, but rather about the way you can support others, then let’s talk about your next step. Take a look at this video on the role – it could be exactly what you’ve been looking for, to expand your portfolio as an entrepreneur.


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