What’s so Special about a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony?

celebrant wedding ceremony

If you can imagine it, and it’s legal, a Celebrant can create a wedding ceremony for it. Modern weddings are able to reflect the values and challenges of modern life. That is what makes them significant and special. Outdated ceremonies that don’t feel relevant, are hardly the foundations on which to build lasting relationships. That’s why a celebrant wedding ceremony is so special. It will be relevant to your relationship and show the joy, love and values that you each bring to it.

Mixed-faith, spiritual or no faith – it’s your choice with an Independent Celebrant

Celebrants can create bespoke wedding ceremonies for those who want to make a commitment to each other in their own way. Some may choose to also have a marriage, which can be conducted by a local Registrar or by a minister at their place of worship. Others do not want to marry or have the legal aspects of marriage in this country as part of their commitment. Either way, having a celebrant wedding ceremony allows them to feel they are honouring their personal beliefs and each other.

celebrant wedding ceremony

A wonderful moment with Lorna and Mike – Image by Karl Baker Photographyhttps://www.karlbaker.com/

One of the joys about working as an Independent Celebrant, is that we can include aspects of faith or spirituality in the ceremonies we create. I recently worked with a couple of mixed faith who each respect the other’s beliefs. They wanted both faiths included in their ceremony. Being able to accommodate this is very rewarding and releases many people from the burden they feel about respecting their family traditions.

Outdoor ceremonies without rules or weather limits!

Last weekend, I performed a wedding ceremony in a beautiful woodland near the Brecon Beacons. This wood had been planted by the great grandfather of one of the brides. Her family have lived on the land for four generations and each generation has planted more trees. To stand beneath a silver birch and Hawthorne, planted as tiny saplings some 60 years ago, gave a strong connection to their roots. It was a profoundly moving ceremony. Only an Independent Celebrant could have performed this ceremony.

I recently received a wonderful testimonial from a gorgeous couple whose wedding ceremony was earlier this year. As their Celebrant, I’d been working up to the big day with them for almost eight months. They said that the care I had shown as we prepared their ceremony had been a real support, as the bride-to-be had been experiencing anxiety. I was delighted to hear that I’d relieved her concerns and helped them both enjoy the experience more. As a Celebrant, developing a relationship with our clients helps us support them, and also provide really personal ceremonies.

What makes a Celebrant wedding so special? You do of course!

A Celebrant wedding ceremony is all about You and what you want for your day. Make sure you talk to your Celebrant about your hopes and dreams. Do not assume that your ideas are ‘just too unusual’. You may be pleasantly surprised by the ceremony that can be created to make your unusual feel perfect.


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