How to become a Wedding Celebrant


If you’re interested in learning about how to become a wedding celebrant, you’re in the right place! Training will allow you to support your clients and offer them the best ceremony imaginable. Although there is currently no legal requirement for training to become a wedding celebrant, those of us in the industry who are trained and constantly improving our skills, set the bar high and want to keep it there.

When a couple is getting married, they deserve the best Celebrant they can find. A person who displays the key qualities that will create the ceremony they’ve been dreaming of. A Celebrant who can include all their ideas from romantic to intimate, traditional to alternative.

Training as an Independent Celebrant allows you to make a real difference

In a society where many groups of people are marginalised and told about what they can’t have or are excluded from, being an Independent Celebrant is a huge blessing. We can create a ceremony that respects and honours any belief system, or none. An Independet Celebrant can include several faiths or traditions in your ceremony, or none. And best of all, if you’re creative and you’ve come up with a unique way to celebrate your relationship, then an Independet Celebrant can create a ceremony to do that.

What makes a great Celebrant?

Being a Celebrant is not about being in the spotlight. If you’re looking for a way to perform, then join a different profession. Be the wedding act, but don’t be the Celebrant. Because being a Celebrant is not about you. The qualities of a great celebrant include:

  • listening. You’ve got to hear the thing they’re not saying and help them find the words.
  • writing. If you love writing, from poems to blogs, being comfortable with words is key.
  • empathy. If you love supporting others with care and compassion, this will be a wonderful role.
  • confidence. If you can ooze confidence when it’s needed, you’ll be a great asset to your clients.
  • discretion. You’re going to hear stories and secrets. You’ve got to be discreet. No exceptions.
  • credibility. Being and looking credible will come with experience. Training will help you build this.

What types of training are on offer to become a wedding celebrant?

Our Wedding Training and Funeral Training courses are approved and recommended by the Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC). We’re proud to be one of a very limited list of recommended training providers and recommend you take a look at the others. We’ve all get very different styles and it’s a good idea to explore all the options.

When you’re ready to find out more, you can book an information call with our Chief Training Officer, Dinah Liversidge. There’s no charge and no commitment – just an opportunity for you to ask your questions and potentially to book your to start your training.

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