Is training as an Independent Celebrant right for you?

If you’re considering training as a Celebrant, you’ll want to understand what’s involved. You may have seen a ceremony lead by a Celebrant and something made you think, ‘that’s something I’d like to do.’ Many of us found this remarkable career that way.

In this 25-minute video, Dinah Liversidge, Chief Training Officer and Master Coach, and Independent Celebrant herself, will share the realities of this career choice. We’ll cover:

  • key role and responsibilities of an Independent Celebrant
  • what training as a celebrant involves and the effort required
  • the current market in the UK and the opportunities for celebrant-led ceremonies

Ready to take the next step and start your training as a Celebrant?

Once you’ve watched this video, book an Informed Decision Session with Dinah, to discuss your questions about training as a Celebrant with us. You can do that here: Dinah’s Diary

You can take wedding or funeral celebrant training, or both. Many of us started with the idea that we would focus on just one area of Celebrant work. However, once we’ve worked with a couple or a family, and formed a relationship of trust, they often ask us to help them mark other occasions. Having the right training to become their Family Celebrant means a life-long working partnership.

We’ve created one-to-one training for Celebrants to respond to your learning style

We all learn in different ways. Providing our training on a one-to-one basis so we can adapt to what works best for you. Whether you prefer to learn by taking notes or taking part, we can work that way. As all the training is written by Dinah, she can accommodate changes to help you get more from the training.

Being a Celebrant is highly rewarding

It is a huge privilege to be an Independent Celebrant. We mark moments in people’s life story. Together, we help express their love, their grief, their surprise and delight. This career can feel like a life purpose and our training is designed to support you as you create a business to be proud of.

Working with a family at a time of loss and grief requires active listening, empathy, compassion and an ability to protect your own mental wellness. We will include ways that you can support families and also support yourself. Your mental health as a Funeral Celebrant will always be a top priority in our work together.

Helping a couple to create a ceremony to celebrate their commitment to each other is a joyful experience. You will need exceptional listening skills, patience, vision and a desire to help others shine. If you’re looking for a chance to be in the spotlight, this is not the career for you. You have to help them take their place in the spotlight, your role is one of support.

We look forward to hearing from you and starting on this new part of your journey together.

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